Created and maintained by Sean O’Brien.

Inspired by a philosophy course1 of the same name, this website was created to share the results of an ongoing exploration into the nature of mind.

I do not have a degree in philosophy or a related field, but I believe awareness of this subject is of fundamental importance to understanding the world. If it is a separate thing at all, it seems to me the mind is a kind of meta-instrument through which all experience flows. It would be prudent then, to examine this instrument and to know it as well as one can.

While investigating one’s own mind directly through various forms of meditation is valuable in this regard, I think it is also useful to know what the best ideas from philosophy, science, and mysticism have to say on the subject. I’ll share what I learn here by linking to what I find and writing articles offering my perspective and analysis.

I will make mistakes. Feel free to offer corrections or suggestions that could make the information on this website more accurate. Eventually, I hope this site can become a useful resource for others also interested in this subject.

Send link suggestions, comments, or other communication to sean AT natureofmind DOT net.

  1. U.C. Berkeley, Philosphy 3, 001 Nature of Mind